This extravagant barstool scores with lightness and extraordinary design,which resembles  a web.The footrest is made out of brushed stainless steel. The stable construction and its low weight, that is only 18 pounds is due to the built in aluminium. AHAB is built and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The seat is attached with magnets and available in different materials and colors.

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The „Rockstar“, with his powder-coated aluminium construction, is a real eyecatcher.  Because of its futuristic look the barstool displays its design especially in simple furnished rooms. The seat is detachable and available in various materials and colors. Not only because of its visual appearance it is a good choice, but also concerning its abrasion resistance (wind-, heat- and humidity-resistant) it is the perfect all-weather barstool. Upon request the „Rockstar“ can be equiped with lights so he is perfect for modern bars.

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Minimalistic and still playful. On this point you can easily recognize the style of MG-Design which you can identify by his timeless look. The rounded corners of the seating, as well as the seamlessly welded edge gives the bench a soft and gentle styling. Here as well we count on the weather-resistant aluminium. The seat cushion has a zipper and is fixed with magnets, so it ensures a simple and convenient cleaning.  All in all it`s a bench for everyone who appreciates a beautiful design and robust construction.

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